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{April 3, 2011}   A Great Visual Guide to The Body Fat Percentage for YOU!

When I wanted to figure out what kind of a body I wanted, I thought that I should just go by weight. You know the rule, a 100 pounds for those who are 5 feet tall and 5 pounds for every inch thereafter. At 5″3, my “correct” weight would be 115 pounds. The thing is, I knew two people who weighed about 120 pounds, yet they had completely different bodies! One looked thin and the other looked lean. The funny part was that the person who was just “thin” was the taller one! (Usually tall people are heavier right?).When I dug a little deeper, I found out that the taller one had a body fat percentage of 24% while the shorter one had a body fat percentage of 17%. That’s why, even though they weighed the same, the one with lesser body fat and more muscle looked better.I think that we all want a beautiful and toned body, not a skinny and weak-looking one. That’s why we should be aiming for a low body fat percentage rather than a low weight (weight loss can come from water and muscle, not what we want). 

Check Out The Athletes!


But you know this. We talked about this in some of my first few posts itself. So what kind of a body do you want to have?

Check out this link:


It gave me a really good idea of where I want to be at, and I hope that it’ll do the same for you.

By the way, if you want to approximate your body fat percentage without a scale (like a Tanita scale), then you can use an inchtape instead. Here’s the link to where you can plug in your numbers and figure out your approximate body fat percentage.


BTW, I’ll keep posting new links of websites where you can find similar visual body fat percentage guides because, for whatever reason, when I look at these kinds of pictures, it really gives me inspiration!

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