Teen Fat Loss!!!

I have this new idea, and I would really like to try it out. For me, as a person who has spent years trying to lose fat and “tone up”, I’ve always wanted to have someone to be accountable to. Yes, you might have heard of forums and clubs that you can join to help you stay accountable. However, the members often flake out and the clubs can quickly break apart.So  now, I want to be your mentor, your buddy, your accountability agent (as i like to call it 😉 ). What can I do for you? Check this out:

1. I can help you break your plateau if you need to.
2. I can help you grow, learn by answering questions through my blog or through email.
3. I can check out your diet plan/exercise plan and see if there are some glaring errors that have to be fixed or adjustments that have to be made.
4. I can give you support and motivation to fight on your journey.
5. I am your accountability agent. I will never let you down. If you want me to check on your progress every week, every month, etc, I will do that for you. I will make sure that you aren’t slacking off by ensuring that you’re submitting your food logs and/or excercise logs to me.

Most importantly, I’ll be there for you. Just a presence. Sometimes we all need that, right?

Please, please, please do contact me if you’d like me to help you in this way. I don’t have a website set up for this. If this succeeds, then I will definitely create a website to supplement the “program” (sounds pro). Also, note that I don’t care whether you’re a teen or not. If you’re a person, I’m in. (if you’re an alien…well…)

Then how can you contact me? :
1. Comment with your email (I totally understand if you are not comfortable with this 🙂 Just an idea).
2. Best Method: Email me at teenfatloss@gmail.com. Subject: Accountability agent

I really, really hope that I can join you on your fat loss/muscle gain/becoming fit journey!!! Thank you 😀

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