Teen Fat Loss!!!

It’s unlikely that ancient chinese techniques like The Crane were created to get a “flat stomach”. But, whatever they called it, it works. This technique calls for using ‘chi’ energy to burn fat. There’s only two things you need: a belly and your hands. Easy enough to obtain.

Now here’s the “How?” :

1. Lie down (it’s not gonna be painful, trust me). Rub your hands together for about 30 seconds and feel the heat generated within the palm of your hands.

2. Place your right (or left hand if you’re left-handed) hand on your belly button.

3. Now take a nice, deep breath and feel the energy inside you.

4. Rub your belly outwards from your bellybutton clockwise (clockwise from the perspective of someone looking down at you. So move your hand from right to left). Create bigger and bigger circles as you go.

5. Keep going until you reach the outer edge of your abdomen.

6. Now go in the opposite (counterclockwise, left to right) direction and go the same way back to your belly button.

7. Pause. Rub your hands for 30 seconds.

8. Restart.

9.  Continue for about 2 minutes.

Refine your technique:

You have to feel it to believe it. Visualize the heat from the palm of your hands entering your stomach and breaking down the fat in your body -because that’s what’s really happening!

How often?

Do it twice a day in the morning and at night (2 minutes each).

Any other benefits?

You can expect better digestion and elimination if you do this “exercise”.

When you’re at school, you don’t naturally think, “Lunch time. Let me walk around a little bit.”

Lunch time sounds more like “Eat. Eat. EAT!”

So how can you get more steps in without paying much attention to how much you exercise?

A pedometer.

I know that when you think of technology and gadgets, you automatically think “I’d rather buy a…” because technology usually costs a lot.

But pedometers can cost under $10 if you look around (Amazon *hint hint*).


All you do is this:

1. Set a goal.

2. Check if you accomplished the goal

Even better, you can reward yourself (not with food, ahem) for reaching a certain number of steps during the week.

This ensures that you reach your goal and that you accurately count how many calories you’re burning.

Why do pedometers work?

Pressure. It’s like something is watching over you. The distinct metallic touch of the pedometer reminds you of what you have to finish. Plus, we all love numbers. Numbers are concrete. Time is not. You know that a pedometer won’t lie (unless you cheat. *Cough cough*), but you might lie to yourself about how long you walked or how fast you walked.

So go and grab a pedometer. It just might give you the push that you need.

Yoga is becoming really popular these days. It’s the thing to do when you’re stressed out, when you want to lose weight, when you want to… well do pretty much anything! And the flat stomach is just another surprise that yoga brings to us. The kapal bhati, or the Magic Bullet Breathing Exercise is an exercise done on an empty stomach that can help you lose fat and many inches in the process. And, for a few added benefits, check this out. This KB can help you deal with:

-asthma/respiratory problems
-diseases involving the kidneys and/or the prostate glands

And the steps are simple (not easy!). In a nutshell, you sit and rapidly suck your stomach in and release it.


How Often?

Daily, if possible.

In the morning/evening/whenever. BUT you have to have a totally empty stomach. You’ll know why when you try it.

How Long?

15 minutes in total. But more like 3, 5-minute sessions (it can be difficult to do for more than 5 minutes at a time).

The Process:

1. Sit down crosslegged

2. Keep your back straight.

3. Close your eyes.

4. Then do that yoga thing: right palm on right knee and left palm on left knee.

5. Okay. Here we go. Breathe in normally.

6. Breathe out forcefully (ignore the sound effects. Did I mention that a private room is nice?).

7. I like to see the diseases and problems come out of my body every time I breathe out forcefully. It makes me feel powerful.

8. Make sure to keep being gentle on the inhaling department. The real workout comes with the exhalation.

That’s what it is in a nutshell. Go YouTube it for a demonstration. It makes things a lot easier.

{July 23, 2011}   Tae Bo Cardio
Since last time I was pretty much blabbering on and on about nothingness, let me be a little more specific with Billy Blanks Tae Bo. Yeah, there are a TON of DVDS , but let me at least give you a starting point!You have to try this:

Tae Bo Cardio Part 1 of 5

That should give you a taste of tae bo. Also:

Duration of video: ~50 minutes

Calories Burned: People estimate 500. I think more like 400 for a 130 pound person. If you’re heavier, then you burn more (probably around 500)

Level of Difficulty: Medium, gets harder as you go


Even if you don’t finish the video, you’ll eventually be able to. I found that I was able to finish it easily at medium intensity (on my part).

BTW, here’s the link for the Tae Bo Insane Abs. It’s also worth the try, especially if you want to work out the abs really well.

So give it a shot and tell me what you think!


{July 23, 2011}   Karate + Dance = Tae Bo
I like karate.I like dance.

I love Tae Bo.

Billy Blanks created Tae Bo for people just like me. I love the punches and the kicks but I also want a beat and a rhythm (not the KYA! kinds). And who knows, you might just like it too.

I love Tae Bo because its upbeat and uplifting. There’s the perfect combination of cardio or abs or whatever the video is about. Billy Blanks has a wide, wide range of videos that you can buy/ borrow from the library/ look up online. Many are specific for specific areas of the body.


Anyway, I know I’m blabbering on and on about it, but it’s really that awesome. It’s where I started out and I hope that you try it out if you don’t know where to start:





There you go.


{July 19, 2011}   5 Minutes to Better Vision

Everyday, we’re glued to the Internet, to the TV screen, to video games, to books, to homework…and there’s nothing that can stop us.

Except becoming blind  perhaps. Bad vision doesn’t help either.

But instead of waiting for our vision to become worse, we should take some action and help out our eyes, 1 minute at a time, 5 minutes a day.


So whether your vision rocks or sucks, give this tip a shot:

The Technique:

Blink your eyes fast. As fast as you can.

How Long?

5 minutes in total. Or you can break it down to 1 minute x 5 (that’s what I do. I don’t know about you but I can’t blink so fast for so long. My eyes slow down on their own!)

Why does it work?

Blinking quickly causes blood to rush to your eyes. This improves blood flow and therefore your vision.

Do it. You’ll thank yourself later.

I’ll only eat 1500 calories. Really. No more.

But maybe I’ll have a cube of that little Hershey’s bar. Barely 10 or 20 calories or something.

Maybe I’ll have another.

And another.

And another.

Uh oh. The bar’s gone.


Now multiply that by 365 and that represents the lives of millions of people, year after year.

And most of the time (sadly) the calories that we overeat ( whether it’s 10 more or a 100 more) get stored as fat. Actually, that’s all the time.


So how do we redirect some of that energy to something(s) that makes us a teeny bit happier? Like muscle-y things?

Quick 60 second workouts. That’s 1 minute to success.

Time Ferriss, the author of the 4 Hour Body came up with a great idea that doing quick little exercises will help you convert some of the calories that you eat to muscle. No, this does NOT give you permission to go and scarf 10 boxes of chocolates. It just gives you hope that some calories will go where you want them to go.

What are the your options?

-Air squats

-Wall Presses

-Chest Pulls

How long?

You can do each for 60 seconds or just one of them. The more the better, of course 😉


Right before you eat.

What’s the science behind it?

If I remember it correctly, then the glucose receptors near the muscles become more receptive. This means that they more willingly take up calories and use them to make some muscle.

That’s all there is to it! One little addition at a time and you’ll be at your goal very soon!

BTW, today I’ll be trying Hip Hop Abs by Shawn T, the Insanity guy. I’ll tell you how that goes.

{July 13, 2011}   The Elevated Pushup

Don’t let the name scare you. It’s NOT a complicated pushup. Not the process at least.

Doing it… you’ll have to find out yourself 😉

The elevated pushup is another way to make the standard pushup difficult. If you want faster results, then this is a better choice than the standard pushup. Just remember that it shifts the focus to your chest.

When you try it, you’ll only be able to do a few compared to how many standard pushups you can do. So don’t freak out. I started out by doing barely ANY. But it’s that very increase in difficulty that makes it so effective! This pushup shocks your body into working harder than ever and building more muscle than ever.

So start slowly. If you can’t handle it, then go back to the standard pushup and build strength. Eventually you’ll able to tackle it.


The Method:

The method is simple. Whether you’re in the gym with bleachers or at your home with a chair, you can easily do these pushups.

1. Get into the standard pushup stance: hands shoulder-width apart and back flat (no sticking out your butt).

2. Make sure you’re facing away from the bleacher/chair/anything stable that is higher up.

3. Lift your feet onto the bleacher/chair/whatever.

4. Go down. Come back up.

5. Feel the extra burn.

Why do elevated pushups work so well?

They increase the amount of weight to be lifted. You have to fight gravity more, so you have to burn more calories and work out your muscles even more to do the same pushup.

TIP: Control how much weight you lift by making the surface higher (difficult) or lower (easy).

What do elevated pushups focus on?

They focus on your pectoral muscles, or your chest muscles.


{July 13, 2011}   The Diamond Pushup

When I heard of the diamond pushup, I wondered what made it a diamond pushup. The hands? The legs?

The legs were a bit awkward. So I went with the hands. And yup! That’s exactly what makes a diamond pushup a diamond pushup.


1. Get in pushup stance.

2. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart.

3. Your hands should be directly under your breast bone (feel the burn yet?)

4. Make a diamond/triangle shape with your fingers.

5. Go down slowly. Get up slowly.

6. Feel the burrrrn.

Why the diamond pushup?

If you really want to focus on your triceps (the muscles in the jiggly inner arm fat area), then this is THE pushup for you. No more bat wings.
The other good part is that it reduces pressure on your back. Woohoo!

Check out this link for more tips and a cool little clip on how to do diamond pushups (YouTube works just as well).

…That’s the diamond pushup for you! (lame ending, as usual 😉 )

{July 12, 2011}   How to Make Pushups Harder

Am I crazy? Aren’t pushups hard enough without any more craziness?

Apparently not. For some people, quick and short workouts are preferable to a ton of reps. Some people have to do a 100 reps (counts) to feel the burn (I’m not one of them for sure). Other people just want to make their arms work harder than ever.

If you fit in either of those categories, then I have the perfect addition for you. And it’s in your room.

Your backpack. Yup. Whether it’s the one you use for school or the one you use for hiking, it’ll work. All you have to do is some books and things in there that can add weight to your workout.


This is super cool because it lets you add as much weight as you want. This way you can avoid killing your back and still add some weights.

TIP: I would add some towels or something cushion-y on the bottom so that you don’t feel like you have rocks on your back.

Again, I’m going to ask Scooby to show you how this is done. Check his video out for a quick demonstration and to look at the perfect form.

et cetera