Teen Fat Loss!!!

I have a friend who’s been paying $5 a session per gym class just so that she can get her PE credits in. She’s overweight and she doesn’t want to be overweight, but she doesn’t want to pay $100 for a year’s membership. So she goes for these classes instead, claiming that she’s saving money.

The math goes something like this:

PE Credits requirement: 60 hours

The length of each class: 2 hours

Total Number of classes: 30

Total money spent = 30 x 5 = $150

Today I was thinking that I would tell her about her careless math error. Then I realized something. She’s pretty good at math. Actually, really good.

So then why the miscalculation?

After some deep 5-minute thinking, I had an idea. She’s scared. She doesn’t want to get a membership because that would make her want to go to the gym. And it kind of makes sense, sadly. If I had a gym membership (or anything worth a $100), I would want to make the most out of it.


But here’s the thing. Instead of being sad about spending $100, you should realize how much motivation a gym membership can give you!

Use that to your advantage and go buy a gym membership. Make that your birthday or Christmas present! Do whatever you have to do, because…

It’s all about taking the first step.

One day, I randomly walked around Joppa, not intending to buy anything. Right before I turned around to march out of the store, I noticed a sleek, slim, beautiful pair of jeans. I turned back and slowly walked to the perfect-shade-of-blue jeans. There was only one pair left and only one word holding me back:


Just kidding, there were two more words:

“Size 0”

BLOW. What a blow to my soul. With a defeated look, I was about to leave, when an idea popped into my head. I had only 10 pounds to go. Just 10 pounds of stinking fat was keeping me away from my materialistic desires.

So,without thinking much more, I went and I bought that pair of jeans.

Today, I proudly wear them. They fit perfectly and I am SO grateful that I bought those jeans.


These aren’t the jeans btw. But cute nonetheless.

How I used a pair of Size 0 jeans to motivate me:

Every morning, I would try on my dream jeans. I wouldn’t fit in them. It wouldn’t zip up. But it made me want to work harder than ever! Every week, I noticed that they fit more and more and more.

I never checked the scale, I never checked anything else. I just wanted to know that the jeans felt easier and easier to wear.

And that’s what got me where I am today. You can use it too. Whether you’re a guy or a girl. I am POSITIVE that there must be some clothes that you’ve been DYING to wear. By not buying those clothes, you are telling yourself that you might not succeed. If you believe in yourself, then go and buy them RIGHT NOW. You have to know it, feel it, deep inside that you’ll reach your goal. So don’t hold back.

I’ll see you after you come back from the mall.

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