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{January 14, 2012}   My Ebook Is Here.

I am so excited.

It’s time to bring you my Ebook…

Weight Loss-for a Teen by a Teen

I will say no more. Click, and read away. I believe that you can complete this program and I hope this helps you accomplish all your weight loss goals. Contact me at teenfatloss@gmail.com for any questions or to sign up for a (free) Accountability Agent!


Thank you for all your emails. I’m so excited that you’ve enjoyed my book! And to those of you who have signed up to have me as your accountability agent, I can’t wait to see you transform! I love you all a lot. And… that’s why I’ve been working on a new website, one that is completely dedicated to teen fat loss. I’ve been working on this for almost 2 months, so I really can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked my book yet, please do. And as usual, my accountability agency is welcoming all.


{January 1, 2012}   In The Spirit of the New Year

I’m here at Los Angeles. It’s 11:56 and I’m super excited for the coming year…

So here’s a little update that might interest you…

My book’s coming out very soon. This book will have everything you need to know to lose weight quickly and effectively.I pushed the publish date to 2012 in the spirit of the new year.

I hope that you’d made the resolution to maintain your weight this year or lose the unnecessary flab.

So good luck and happy 2012! (and keep your eyes open for my book!)

“What muscles do pushups workout?”

This question is:

1. Common

2. Incorrectly answered/guessed

When most people try out a pushup, they feel the burn in their arms. More importantly, they see their arms working out. That’s why many people don’t associate pushups with the back. But that is totally wrong. Pushups work all these muscles:

1. Pectoralis Major: Chest

2. Deltoids: Shoulder Muscles

3. Scapular Muscles: Shoulder Muscles

4. Triceps: Upper, Inner Arm Muscles

5. Upper Back Muscles

There are several types of pushups that focus more or less on certain muscles. I’ll focus on those later on 🙂

There are a lot of things you should do first thing in the morning. Drink water. Eat a healthy, hearty breakfast. Etc. Etc.

Now you have to exercise. How horrible is that.

But apart from the depressing idea of waking up in the morning just to get a healthy body and just to lose those 20 pounds that you’ve been dying to lose, there’s a hidden positive side.

One fine day, when I got off my butt off the bed at 7:00 in the morning and did a 30 minute workout, I realized the amazing-ness that morning workouts really are:

fresh air + fresh mind + quiet atmosphere = amazing workout

But that’s just to help you realize that morning exercise does not equal death.

The real benefit is the pure fat that you burn. Pure fat.


The Science

Overnight, your body is digesting all the food that you consumed. In the morning, you’re like a clean slate.

Why is an empty stomach ideal?

At night, you have all these food calories that your body has to deal with. There is all this carb-y energy. At this point, if you exercise, you’ll have to first burn all the carb-y energy and then the fat.

In the morning, your stomach is empty, so the body has no choice but to burn the fat for the fuel.

Some studies go as far to say that you burn 300% more fat in the morning than in any time of the day.

So there you go! Pull your day back an hour or a half-hour and feel the BURRRN.


{July 11, 2011}   Cinnamon for Weight Loss

Can sprinkling spices on your food really help you burn fat? Can a teeny sprinkle of cinnamon make a difference to your body?

Sure it can!

People say that little things always add up. I totally agree. Every technique that you use to manipulate your metabolism will help you increase your total calorie burn. More calories burned = more fat blasted to pieces.

But cinnamon does something else. Something just as cool. It cuts your potential calories.

What are potential calories?

Calories that you might eat. Might.


The science behind it?

It’s simple. Cinnamon controls insulin spikes that occur after sugar-high meals. This insulin spike can make you even more hungry. More hunger means more calories means more fat.

What is an insulin spike exactly?

Insulin is a hormone released by your pancreas that is responsible for storing sugar in the form of fat. When you eat a high-sugar meal, there’s all this sugar wandering around in your blood. High levels of blood sugar can be terrible for you, so your body releases insulin. Now this sugar is stored into a form that we all hate –fat.

So by taming insulin spikes, cinnamon is really helping you out.

Conclusion: Cinnamon helps you avoid overeating.

{July 6, 2011}   How Do You Build Muscle?

You wanna build muscle? Go get some protein, do some weight training…

Blah. Blah. You know all this. The real question is HOW? Why does weight training + protein mean delicious muscle tone?


Gaining muscle is a three step procedure : Exercise, eat, rest. Let’s look at what happens in each step.

STAGE 1 : EXERCISE: Weight lifting, body weight exercises, etc.

Funnily enough, in this stage you’re actually breaking down your muscle. By lifting heavy weights, you push your muscle over the edge so that it tears apart.

It’s like getting a fracture and then rebuilding the bone. It comes out stronger. Muscle happens to come out stronger and bigger.


-Not working out hard enough will mean that your muscles won’t get those micro-tears.

-Over working will lead to over training where your muscle takes forever to recover.

STAGE 2: EAT; protein

Here’s a quick review of some biology:

Muscles are made of amino acids. Protein is made of amino acids. Therefore, your body absorbs amino acids from your protein so that it can help the muscle grow back bigger and stronger. Without enough protein, your muscles are unable to recover.


-Eat a protein-rich shake/supplement/food within 20 minutes of a workout to ensure that your body gets enough nutrients to build the muscle you worked so hard for.

STAGE 3: Rest

Sleeping is so underrated. This stage, the neglected stage, is where muscle-building actually occurs. When you rest, your body doesn’t have to worry about anything. It doesn’t have to worry about helping you walk around, eat, etc. It’s just a time to rest and renew. In this stage, your hard work really starts to show up.


-Get plenty of rest. If you don’t, you’ll only end up with a delayed recovery.

{July 1, 2011}   The Body Fat % for Abs

Today, people are slowly shifting the focus from weight to body fat %. And with this phenomenon is the inevitable question: “How much?” BMI scales and other (often not-so-useful) tools can give you your so-called ‘ideal weight’, but they can’t predict your ideal body fat %. Technically, no one can. Ideal depends on what’s ideal for you. Some people like a low bodyfat % where they are have low-moderate fat and high muscle. Others prefer a % where they have very low fat and minimal muscle.

So it all depends on you. But abs are a different deal. It’s possible to approximate the bodyfat % necessary to start seeing fantastic abdominal definition. After all, doesn’t everyone seem to want a flat stomach or a six-pack?

With a tiny bit of research, I found a few numbers:

Women: 14 % – 18%
Men: 10%

Of course, these don’t result in just “some” definition. These are pretty much washboard abs. A guy with a body fat% 16 could still see some top row abs, but 6 packs would be 6 percent away.

So there you go, there are some numbers that you can finally work with!

Two weeks ago, I had the “perfect” skin. Zero acne, zero scars. Glowing goodness.Then came allergies.

A certain (evil) type of bread begged my skin to produce histamines. Soon, patches of skin-colored, itchy bumps covered my entire body. My face was the hotspot for these little monsters.

My only hope were antihistamine tablets… and prevention.

So, with tears in my eyes, I gave up on bread. Now I’m back to the skin I had before (still a little dry though).

But what does that have to do with bloating? Everything!

Bloating is often triggered by certain kinds of foods that your body just can’t seem to deal with. The best way to deal with the bloating is obviously to cut away its root: the offensive food.

What food to cut? What are you allergic to? How do you find out?
-If you happen to have some extra cash in your pocket, you could get an allergy test.
– If you’re broke, like me, head straight to the rotary diet.

Rotary Diet:

If the ‘Rota’ didn’t give it away, the rotary diet refers to rotation. In this special food allergy testing diet (quite a mouthful), you eat a certain type of food for 4 days. This is supposed to be one of those foods that you might be allergic to.
While that rule is the essence of the diet, you can find the details in this paragraph (source: Livestrong):

“The rotary diversified diet has a number of fixed rules. This first rule states that you should not eat the same food item more than once in four days. The second rule states that foods in the same family — such as oranges and grapefruit — may be eaten in the same meal but then rotated four days later. The third rule states that foods in the same family may not be eaten at different meals during the same day. Rule four states that all foods in the same family must be passed before they can be placed in the diet. Foods in the same family may be combined in a single meal but each must have been tested individually to ensure that neither causes an allergic reaction. Each ingredient used in a meal should be considered as a possible allergen.”

The symptom that you’re going to look out for is bloating. Think of a food that makes you feel gassy usually. That food is a good starting place.

So there's the gist of it. Find out the offensive food and get rid of it ASAP. Beat the food, beat the bloat.

{May 23, 2011}   The Skinny Fat Solution

You know you’re skinny-fat. You know that if you do too much cardio, you’ll lose even more muscle. You know that if you do only weight training, you’ll gain a lot of fat for a puny bit of muscle. What you don’t know is how to get out of it.

That’s where I come in.

You know the saying that you can’t build muscle and gain fat at the same time? Well it’s true. But not completely.

We live by 24-hour cycles, but our bodies don’t. Our bodies don’t say, “Okay, so because there was a calorie deficit created today, let’s lose some fat!” That’s why, with a balanced weight traning and cardio program, it’s totally possible to gain/maintain muscle while burning “quality” fat.

The solution then is fairly obvious. As a skinny fat person, you tend to go overboard on the cardio. So cut down your cardio to 30-45 minutes. Next, add a weight training session (also 30-45 minutes, upto 60 minutes) and work those dumbbells! Keep your nutrition up and make sure to have a good amount of protein (shoot for 30-40% of your calories for awesome results).

Another thing to remember is that skinny fat people tend to have these deposits of fat on their stomachs or other problem areas. The key to getting rid of that fat is to cut down sugar intake as much as possible. You may notice results pretty darn fast if you try this for a week or two.

So there you have it! The Skinny-Fat Solution.

So you’ve figured out that you’re skinny fat. But you need to know how to get out of it. You want an amazing, toned look. But how?

The first step is to recognize how you got there. That way you change your current diet and exercise program so that you can tweak it here and there. Alright, here are the top two causes of the skinny fat syndrome:

1. Too much cardio. You spend hours slogging on the treadmill. It’s breaking apart and it’s time to move on.

2. Fad diets. Yup, those 3-day, 7-day, quick fix diets are digging up your grave. The worst part? You’re letting them. By fad dieting, you strip your body of muscle and keep the fat. You might see numbers fall on the scale, but your body is turning into a mush of buttery badness.

Too much cardio burns muscle. That’s why cardio over 30-45 minutes is not recommended unless you want to begin catabolism (muscle break-down). On top of that, fad diets “help” you lose water and muscle. You end up with a body stripped of muscle and high in fat.

To reverse this process. It’s not easy as “cardio!” and “eat less!!” is it? There’s definitely more to it. So stick around to learn the solution to skinny-fat-ness.

et cetera